Who couldn’t use a little more happiness in their life?

You too can join in . . . Mel’s Happiness Challenge!

I’ve been meaning to get to this . . .

I really got stuck on the defining happiness part. Everything I came up with was so glib, so trite. But those initial ideas have stuck with me. So I am going to explore them, glib or not. My first thought was: Happiness is a day at the beach. It’s true. I feel so much better there. I get to a beach, a few times a year if I am lucky. When said beach is a drivable destination, I swear to you that I start to feel better, I mean really energized, when I get to that part in the trip when I’m not in sight of any beach or water yet, but I can smell it. I usually turn off the AC in the car and open all the windows and let that salt air rush in all around me. I suck that smell in like it’s an exotic scent with magical powers. (maybe it is?)

Part of Mel’s challenge is to choose something that we have easy access to. Well, as much as I’d love to visit the beach daily, I can’t really do that.

Last week, I was at a nearby lake, paddling my kayak and I had a similar feeling of enjoying the moment, feeling alive, feeling a part of something bigger than myself. It wasn’t the beach, there wasn’t salt in the air, but I was able to catch a glimmer of that essential feeling I get at the beach. So, I decided to experiment and see if I could focus in on that feeling in other places. And I find that I can, commune with nature if you will, even in a city park.

If I allow my mind to slow down, if I allow it to filter out the everyday noises, I can start to hear the birds or the crickets or the quiet in back of the traffic or the human chatter.

So that will be my ritual. Once daily, for the month of September, I will spend 20 minutes each day looking for that little bit of peace in the middle of an ordinary day.

(As it happens, I get an easy start, because I am saying goodbye to Summer by spending Labor Day weekend . . . you guessed it . . . at the Beach!) But the goal is to find that peace here at home.


2 Responses to “Who couldn’t use a little more happiness in their life?”

  1. Bea Says:

    Sounds like a great way to meet the challenge.


  2. soralis Says:

    Good luck finding your peaceful place

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