I wish it were so

If this were true, wouldn’t Valium be the new fertility drug??

Nothing makes me tense up quicker than being told to relax.


4 Responses to “I wish it were so”

  1. Nica Says:

    I loathe this article. ugh.

  2. Chili Says:

    This article is stressing me out! 😉

  3. Bea Says:

    The doctor actually says that IVF/ART is necessary for a lot of women, but she believes that stress does play some sort of role, somewhere, in some patients. Then she studied a whole sixteen, no doubt very carefully-selected, patients – a group the size of which should change no-one’s opinion about anything. As usual, the media are taking it all completely the wrong way.

    And it still, as others have pointed out, ignores the most important thing – *if* stress is important, how do we reduce it? Not by telling women to calm down, that’s for sure. Nothing makes anyone’s blood boil faster. I have actually made deliberate efforts to avoid friends who try to soothe me, in favour of people – my mum would be top of the list – who worry with me when I raise a concern. The former cause me too much stress! The latter help me control it.


  4. katd Says:

    Double ick. I’d have fifty kids by now if relaxing did the trick for us.

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