WIHTH = Why I Hate The Holidays* (lately)**

Reason#1 The Holidays are all about kids. I don’t have kids (yet).

Reason#2 The Christian Holiday AKA Christmas celebrates the BIRTH of a BABY to a VIRGIN no less (!!!) And I am kind of mad at G-O-D anyway.

Reason#3 Holiday merchandise (greeting cards, decorations, etc.) is finding its way into stores well before Halloween. This is ridiculous and uses up what little festive cheer I might manage to summon up well before we even reach Thanksgiving. When you’re this short on holiday cheer, you need to save it for when it counts. Being bombarded by the commercial merchandising blitz does NOT help.

*This may become an ongoing series
**I used to enjoy the holidays as much as the next person and hope to again some day soon

Brought to you by Cats in the Cradle.

As requested by Mel/The Towncrier.


2 Responses to “WIHTH”

  1. The Dunn Family Says:

    That made me laugh. A local supermarket by us had had Christmas Trees displayed in mid-Oct. They even had a sign up saying “Some people like to shop for Holiday items earlier. Some people like to wait until the last minute. We have decide to put our Holiday supplies out early to give people a choice.” haha. I love the holiday’s. I always have. I hope you find the reason to again soon!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    My neighbors put up their tree the day after Halloween. That is crazy! I hope you will enjoy Christmas again someday.


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