Lucky Seven

Ally at Life in the CatPad  and OHN at Only Half Nuts tagged me to tell you 7 interesting things about myself.

 I suppose “interesting” is subjective, but here you go:

 1)  I was born in one country, emigrated to a second, then emigrated to a third all by the age of 6.  We moved about every three years and when I tell my story most people say “Oh, you must have been an army brat.”  Brat?  Probably.  Army?  No.  Just a restless father I tell them.  It made for an interesting childhood, more in a good way than in a bad one.  As an adult my main regret is not having any lifelong friends.  My “oldest” friendship goes back to junior high-school and we are still as close as you can be when separated by 5,000 km.  As a hoping-to-be-parent, I can’t imagine dragging my kid(s) around that much for no good reason.

2)  I speak English well, though technically it is my second language.  I like to think I have a better grasp on it than the ‘average’ American, but I’m not that’s saying much.   I speak German fluently, and French passably.  I hope to add Spanish and at least take a beginner course in a language that does not use the Anglo alphabet.   Japanese appeals to me.

3) I wish I could draw.  Or sing.  Or dance. 

4)  I talk  to my pets like they are people.  At least so far it’s all rhetorical.

5) I have traveled to 23 of the US States, 5 of the Canadian Provinces, a handful of tropical islands and several European countries, at least two of which have changed their names and / or borders since then.  I’ve been lucky in how much of the World I’ve seen.  (See Item 1)

6) I consider myself an independent woman, maybe even a moderate feminist, but I find myself doing some very ‘like-my-mother’ things since becoming a ‘wife.’  I work at staying true to myself without being inconsiderate of my one true love.  Sometimes it a tricky balance.

7) Infertility has made me stronger, more empathic, more tolerant, less tolerant, grateful for things that others take for granted, and pretty bitter too.  I’d  trade any and all of these lessons in a minute for my previous ignorant bliss and a baby.


One Response to “Lucky Seven”

  1. Bea Says:

    You did have a roving time in your youth!


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