Who knew SOCKS could be so much fun!!?


VA Blondie of Do Without Doing sent me a lovely package that arrived this past Friday when I was having a bit of a frazzling day. What a nice surprise to find something FUN in the mailbox rather than more bills! And not only did she send me socks for the sock exchange . . . she sent THREE pair! Wow . . . that is the height of sock it to me generosity! Thank you VA Blondie . . . I love them all!

First we have a lovely Spring themed pair:

Next we have my favorite of all . . . the mother son socks. How cute are these??

Thank you also to the fabulous Kymberli for coming up with this idea and arranging it all!


4 Responses to “Who knew SOCKS could be so much fun!!?”

  1. My Reality Says:

    Ahhh! The matching socks are too cute!

  2. Beautiful Mess Says:

    Mother/son socks are SO cute! I think I took the exchange TOO literally. I only sent one pair of socks. Oh well, next time, I’m sending more. Enjoy your socks!

  3. Kristin Says:

    Love those socks!

  4. M Says:

    I’m so loving the his & hers socks! What a fabulous exercise this has been – Kym totally rocks! x

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