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January 9, 2008

There has been some buzz about the new movie Juno.

As a work of fiction it is getting much praise for being a fresh new comedy. As a depiction of open adoption in the USA today, it is getting some harsh words from others. There is also a bit of a radio silence in blogland from those afraid to see it and / or afraid to say what they think of it once they have. (I am including myself in the latter).

RESOLVE offers this commentary and from there you can link to a discussion if you like (registration required).

Anyone want to speak up here about what you thought of the film?

One question the controversy leaves me with, is whether we can really hold filmmakers responsible for depicting (anyone’s version of) reality in their fictional works.

I mean is there a rule that says that blonds can’t be portrayed as dumb in movies? Or rural folks as hicks and so on . . . Is there a rule that says we can’t portray certain cultural stereotypes in films? It happens every day. It bothers me when I see unfair stereotypes but we’ve all laughed at a blond joke or newfie jokes (for my Canadian friends). Sure, we hope that negative images aren’t perpetuated, but Hollywood has never been my source of education or realistic portrayals.

So is it fair to expect Juno to be more than it is? Might it just be another comedy vying for our laughs and our movie-going dollars? Or is it an insult to real life members of the adoption triad everywhere?



I wish it were so

September 5, 2007

If this were true, wouldn’t Valium be the new fertility drug??

Nothing makes me tense up quicker than being told to relax.

Life *should* not be a struggle

February 16, 2007

I’m going to start writing “Dear Opr@h” letters. (Letters of complaint, that is.)

Oh, Opr@h!

January 25, 2007

First, I guess I should give her credit for featuring the struggle of infertility in way that was realistic overall, more so than most media renditions anyway. But O, why did you have to go and taint it by traumatizing poor Jenn** by mentioning that ever popular assvice idea that people get pg as soon as they adopt?! Really, I expect that sort of thing from my dental hygienist, but not from you O, you have a whole team of fact checkers who ought to have set you straight on that all-irritating myth! Luckily Jenn** did a good job of setting you straight, though in my opinion she was too nice about it.

**There really seems to be a lot of infertile Jennifers! Was it anyone we know??