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Traveling Book Update

June 11, 2007

Bea has finished with the traveling book and has written a lovely review here. She has now sent the book along to Thalia. Bea has also expanded our traveling library by generously sharing her copy of So Close which is on it’s way to Vee and Max.

I am doing a piss poor job of keeping up with posting the book’s whereabouts, so I am going to give the Sisterhood of the Traveling Book it’s own blog.

Coming soon to an RSS feed near you . . . details to follow.


Traveling Book Update

April 16, 2007

Reader # 5 was Heather at Big P & Me. As fate would have it, it arrived in her mailbox at a time when she really needed the distraction. Please go give her some love. She zipped through the book in one night and now our traveling book is getting ready to take a rather long journey to see Baby Blues over in the Philippines!!